We get your message heard (and if asked nicely, make the tea too!)

We are an award-winning public relations company based in Camden, London, providing the full range of PR and digital services.

We deliver sales growth by creating powerful stories with great pictures and video and compelling social media. Our PR is straight-forward, jargon free and highly effective. We have a wide range of clients – from global ecommerce leaders to some of the biggest names in the health, beauty and lifestyle sectors, and in Harley Street.

We offer unsurpassed experience of media at the highest level – with two senior partners who have edited on a national stage. We help brands to reach a mass audience quickly. The best recommendation we can give you is the growth in sales that our clients enjoy. Building brand awareness is a key part of strategy but we know PR only really delivers through better numbers.

We do many things for our clients – set up interviews, media junkets, build databases, send releases, pitch to journalists, set up launches, events, endorsements, photo-shoots, business trips, public appearances, make introductions, broker lucrative media deals and negotiate contracts, arrange itineraries and diaries, set up and monitor social media, compile cuttings, forward plan, build strategy, develop programme and business ideas, and (if asked nicely) make the tea.